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Rudolph Tang

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  1. Daniel S. P. Yang says:

    On 6 March 2013 14:37, wrote:

    Dear Rudolph:

    Sent the email below over 5 weeks ago. Got no reply. If you are NOT reluctant to suggest a few classical music journals in China for my future contributions, please respond.


    > Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 19:38:46 -0800
    > From:
    > To: Rudolph Tang
    > Subject: Re: Journals on Classical Music and Opera in China
    > Dear Rudolph:
    > Glad to hear from you and knowing you are doing well in your new post. Are you doing graduate work at Tongji University? Or are you teaching there? In what field? Are you now in Shanghai or in Beijing?
    > Guess you have taken down my new email address. My new home address is
    > 2976 Queen Lake Court
    > Henderson, Nevada 89052
    > U. S. A.
    > What I’d like to ask you is which are the most prestigious journal on classical music and opera currently in China now? I would appreciate your telling me their Chinese titlles, whether they are monthly or weekly or just a few issus per year, whether they publish color photos, and, if possible, the email addresses of their editors in chief. Their Chinese names, of course.
    > The reason I am asking these is that I have been invited to the Bayreuth Festival and the Salzburg Festival again. You know that they have been giving me annual invitations since 1995, but I have not visited either places since 2008. Now, with Wagner’s 200th birthday coming along, and with the new Ring Cycle to be premiered at Bayreuth this summer, my wife and I have decided to visit there again, with a side trip to Salzburg before or after our intended visit in late August.
    > We shall see the new Ring and 3 other music-dramas at Bayreuth. The programs at Salzburg have not been chosen yet, but we will stay for at least a week and will see several operas and will attend as many concerts as possible during this trip. It will cost us over US$25,000 for such visits, but it is worthwhile because we are celebrating our 50th anniversary this summer, and attending these festivals will be the main fare of our celebration. I will of course write lengthy review articles on both festivals, as I used to do while you were in charge of the GRAMERPHONE CHINA. Since it is no longer in existence, I wonder which jourmal or journals would you recommend me to submit my articles.
    > I will write to the editors-in-chief of these journals. If you knew them well and would wish to introduce me to them, that would be even better. Otherwise, I can write to them directly and tell them about my background and expertise. I suppose they would welcome my articles which will also include choice color photos of stage productions.
    > Thank you for your assistance. Please keep in touch.
    > Daniel S. P. Yang (signed “Dan”)
    > Professor Emeritus of Theatre
    > University of Colorado at Boulder
    > —- Rudolph Tang wrote:
    > > Hi Prof Yang,
    > > This is Rudolph. Anything that I can do for you?
    > > Rgds,
    > > Rudolph Tang

    KLASSIKOM Music Info Service
    精专美乐十四年 1999-2013

  2. Hello Rudolph

    Found your contact first trough , and now I see you have vivid blog about about classical music, what an amazing discovery!

    Best wishes and prosporous work.


  3. Michael Struck-Schloen says:

    Dear Rudolph,
    I am a journalist from Cologne (Germany) and we once met in a Beijing hotel durign the tour of the Gürzenich Orchestra (Wagner’s Ring, Mozart’s Don Giovanni).
    I just produced a broadcasting on music life in China fürDeutschlandfunk (Voice of Germany) in which I used our conversation. I would send it to you if you give me your e mail adress.

    All the best

    Michael Struck-Schloen
    Tel. +49 173 2813106

  4. Your team is making a significant contribution to the world of music.
    Keep up the good work. Thank you for allowing me to express my interests.

  5. Dear Rudolph,
    I am a journalist from Hamburg working for german and Swiss radio. Preparing a broadcast about the social and infrastructural background of chinese Lang-Lang-success and hype I am looking for information and statistic data about what chinese state, regions etc. and what private insitutions and persons do about european classical music in china. My pracitcal experience so far is that most of my chinese contacts are really friendly and nice but in the end provide no concrete information out of what reaons ever. Could you kindly help me?

    All the best

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