Lang Lang won inaugural Chinese “Grammy”

New York Rhapsody, Lang Lang’s farewell recording with SONY, won Best Classical Music Album in the inaugural CMA or CMIC Music Awards.

CMIC or China Music Industry Committee is the Chinese equivalent of BPI of the UK. It is a lobbying organ that represents the collective interests of the recording industry in China associated with a governmental institution. The panel, consisting of ten jury members, is nominated and chaired by Mr Xu Yi, President of SONY Music China. The award is conceived by Mr Song Ke in 2012 when he became head of the committee.

The award ceremony of the first CMIC Music Awards, heavily fashioned from the Grammy, was presented on the evening of July 20th at the M Space in Beijing with live performance from pop stars. 32 nominees won in 25 categories in addition to 7 Best of the Year categories ranging from New Comer to Single. All nominees ought to be published in physical distribution or digital sales in mainland China from January 1st 2016 to December 31st, nominated by CMIC members in a one member one vote doctrine.

In the other category that devotes to classical music, The Yellow River Murals, an orchestral suite by Wang Xilin composed in 2013 when he visited Shanxi province at the invitation of Shanxi Symphony Orchestra, won Best Original Classical Music Album. Released by KUKE in digital, the album was recorded by Shanxi Symphony Orchestra and produced in association with the China Symphony Development Foundation.

Following is the full list of winners in Chinese.

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