Student apologizes for negative review in Shanghai

A postgraduate student of Shanghai Conservatory of Music apologised for the very negative opinion expressed on his social media moments. His opinion as well as the apology (shown above) were shortly deleted before causing an uproar in China after exposed by an online media.

In the review the student unleashed his disappointment and anger towards a musical turned opera Tang Xianzu whose title role is an ancient playwright often described as “the Shakespeare of China”. The concert version of the opera Tang Xianzu was premiered on May 2nd and 3rd at Shanghai Grand Theatre. It was produced and performed by Shanghai Conservatory of Music with music by Xu Jianqiang and libretto by Lin Zaiyong, both on SCM faculty, conducted by Peng Jiapeng. Lin is the rector of SCM.

According to various reports, the student was asked by his tutor to delete the opinion because of ambiguous references to the composer as “a clown”, but it was the sole will of the student to issue an apology afterwards and share it on his social media, possibly under the same pressure. The handwritten apology was then removed also in which the student apologised for “bad-mouthing” and “faulty and aggressive opinion”.

After the deleted opinion and apology were exposed on May 7th, there was an uproar in China where observers criticised the conservatory for “monopolising ideas” and “manipulating opinions”. Up till now the conservatory largely remained silent by not releasing any statement.

An exclusive source close to SCM disclosed that right after the exposure, high ranking SCM faculty “met with the student privately, relieving him from any possible burden or consequence resulting from the freedom of expressing negative opinion, and reassured the college’s moral integrity”.

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  1. Cathy Barbash says:

    Did you actually hear this work? What did you think of it?

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