China cancels Sumi Jo and Myung-Whun Chung’s son

Following the cancellation of Paris based Korean pianist Kun Woo Paik’s scheduled appearance with Guiyang Symphony Orchestra on March 18th in Brahms Piano Concert No.2, Korean soprano Sumi Jo became the second immediate casualty falling to China’s refusal to let Korean artists perform in China.

The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra announced today that Sumi’s scheduled appearance on February 26th in a recital paying tribute to Maria Callas at the Shanghai Symphony Hall is cancelled. She is replaced by Chinese soprano Huang Ying.

Both cancellations are widely regarded as China’s retaliation against Korean’s plan to deploy US powered THAAD missile defense system in a response to North Korea’s continuous arms build up. China sees this as a threat.

Korean musicians are expected to meet with mounting resistance in obtaining a working permit and a visa from China in the coming months, as tension between China and Korea escalates.


China Philharmonic announced today that Sumi Jo’s scheduled appearance on February 23rd in Beijing was cancelled. Also cancelled is Korean conductor Min Chung’s appearance with Sumi in Beijing. Min Chung is the third son of conductor Myung-whun Chung. The duo is replaced by Chinese soprano Zhang Liping and conductor Yang Yang. The programme will be slightly adjusted.

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