Muhai Tang heads towards Harbin SO


Chinese condutor Muhai Tang was appointed Music Director of Harbin Symphony Orchestra. The appointment was announced last Tuesday by Qu Bo, Director of Harbin SO during an orchestra-wise auditioning where Tang was a jury member. There has been no official announcement yet, probably not going to be as people close to the source said that the orchestra was determined to keep it low key.

However, Muhai Tang was quoted saying when approached by us “I am honoured to be trusted by the Heilongjiang province and the musicians. I will do my best to serve music.” Harbin is the provincial capital of Heilongjiang province though the orchestra is city funded.

Founded in 1908, Harbin Symphony Orchestra is the second oldest orchestra in China after the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. For long the orchestra is dependent on Russian or Belarusian musicians. Harbin rises quickly to become a classical music hot spot, fueled by its two orchestras, an award-winning grand theatre, a brand new concert hall and a newly opened conservatory.

Muhai Tang is the music director of Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, Tianjin Symphony Orchestra and Tianjin Opera Company. He stepped down from orchestras in Henan and Hangzhou last year. His replacement of the Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra in Hangzhou is Zhang Yi, music director of the China National Ballet Orchestra, Hebei Symphony Orchestra and Lanzhou Symphony Orchestra.


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