Shanghai Phil to host AAPRO 2018 summit

Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra will host the 12th AAPRO Summit in August 2018 in Shanghai. The news was announced at the handover ceremony at the closing session of the 11th AAPRO Summit held at the Tokyo Opera City on the afternoon of October 7, 2016. The summit is hosted by the Association of Japanese Symphony Orchestras.

AAPRO stands for the Alliance of Asia Pacific Region Orchestras. It was founded in 1996 by former Fuji TV producer Okayama Naomoto with the aim to forge understanding and boost exchange among orchestras in the Asia Pacific region. Since 1997 it has presented 11 summits. Previous summits were held in Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Macau, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Moscow etc. Recently the organization suffered from a weak leadership and frail funding. It is a registered charity in Hong Kong.

From L to R: Atchara Tejapaibul, Yukiharu Kodama, Sun Hong, Kate Lidbetter
From L to R: Atchara Tejapaibul, Yukiharu Kodama, Sun Hong, Kate Lidbetter

Present at the handover ceremony are Mrs Atchara Tejapaibul, Vice Chair of AAPRO and President of the Bangkok Symphony Foundation, Mr Yukiharu Kodama, Chair of AAPRO and Board Member of AJSO, Mr Sun Hong, First Deputy Director of Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra. SPO was represented at the summit also by Mr Zhang Liang, its resident conductor.

The orchestra just unveiled its ambitious partnership with the Philadelphia Orchestra, a resident programme at Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre, as well as a plan to overhaul its exquisite but worn-out French style office complex located in downtown Shanghai due completion in early 2018.

The annual budget of SPO since 2016 reaches RMB 35 million, or USD 5 million, almost twice of its budget in 2015. It is a result of a new management team and years of lobbying. KLASSIKOM has been closely consulted in the strategic planning of SPO’s rising visibility since its new administration was installed in 2016. We were also present at the summit as SPO’s senior advisor for international PR.

From L to R: Sun Hong, Hiroshi Kuwabara, Zhang Liang

Originally known as Shanghai Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra’s earliest incarnation can be found in 1956. It was renamed SPO in 2004, as a result of its umbrella body’s structural reform, Shanghai Media Group. The orchestra gives  36 subscription concerts a year, out of 120 concerts in total. Muhai Tang serves as its music director since 2009.

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