A new magazine is born in Shanghai


At a time of global retreat, one classical music media decided to launch the prints. Here I am holding the inaugural edition of Ganlan Classical Music, a quarterly published in Shanghai in spring with its two lovely Editors, Janey and Qiting (L). Sold at RMB 30 per copy, its second issue – due for publishing this summer – has reached 5,000 copies through crowdfunding initiative. Ganlan have reinvented the way in publishing a classical music magazine.

The quartetly is published by Ganlan New Media, a private media company based in Shanghai that is equally strong in lifestyle news media on Wechat as in bridal and gourmet magazines. The owner of the media group is said to be a passionate classical music fan. His brainchild was Ganlan Music on Wechat. Since it was founded three years ago, it has become the biggest Wechat channel on classical music and opera in terms of subscribers. KLASSIKOM on Wechat ranks second or third in overall readership.

The magazine is handsomely funded by Ganlan New Media. Its editorial content ranges from artists interviews to favourite musical destinations, as well as book reviews translated from foreign press. This makes Ganlan Classical Music join the league of the very few surviving classical music and opera magazines published in mainland China, including Music Lover, Philharmonic, Opera Arts, Singing Arts.

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