A missing Chopin’s jury for a wedding party


The Chinese pianist Yundi Li missed the Chopin Competition of which he is a jury member. We have no idea what excuse he has used to ask for leave from the competition. But it is for sure that he flew from Warsaw to Shanghai in order to attend the wedding ceremony of a TV-star friend with his film and model star bride.

So the once laureate of the Chopin Competition of 2000 went missing from his jury’s desk on October 7th for three days and appeared in the following days at the luxurious wedding banquet at the Shanghai Exhibiton hall of Huang Xiaoming with Angelababy, both are well known in the entertainment world in China. Yundi is a long-time friend of Mr Huang, the bridegroom. Yundi also offered himself to be one of the 12 star studded groomsmen. He is seen at third from right in the photo above. Lang Lang also got invited to the wedding but sent a greeting message instead.

Yundi’s missing from the jury caused a huge debate again and helped win him another tide of headline entertainment stories across the country including Taiwan and Hong Kong with strong discussions on the social media channels.

He is criticized being contempt of the competition and unprofessionalism. Fans back him up and speak highly of his loyalty and generosity in offering presence at a friend’s wedding even at the height of an international competition. Have your say and comment below.


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9 Responses to A missing Chopin’s jury for a wedding party

  1. Lam, KC says:

    Yundi Li was just a guest at the wedding. He was not key to any function. At the Chopin competition, he was a judge, and would have served to maintain the high standard of the competition. He should have evaluated his role in the two functions and should have had no doubt in deciding to maintain his seat at the Chopin competition.
    He deserved to be excluded forever from judging in any furture music competition.
    KC Lam, Hong Kong.

  2. Lam, KC says:

    Already filled.

  3. Lam, KC says:

    Yundi li served no important function at the wedding. At the Chopin competition he was appointed as a judge to maintain the high standard of the competition. He made the wrong decision to attend the wedding instead.
    He deserves to be excluded from judging in any future music competition.

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  5. Tom Inkansas says:

    Competitions and weddings are planned years in advance, so this isn’t a question of loyalty. It’s a question of making pledges that cannot both be met. It’s arguably unprofessional to miss the entire competition to attend anything more than the most important parts of the wedding celebration, no matter how close the friend, or how much fun it will be.

  6. Polaris says:

    On top of being absence from the jury, when Mr.Yundi returned to the competition, he posted a picture of the hall which was taken DURING a performance , onto his Weibo page. And if you watch the broadcast of the competition , you can see him playing with his mobile phone even during the announcement of a competitor (can’t see if he has put down his phone at all as they were focusing on the competitors once they walk onto the stage.) shameful.

  7. Polaris says:

    How can the competition be fair when one of the jury members was absent and did not listen to everyone play?
    What is more unacceptable is, if you chec out Yundi’s Weibo http://m.weibo.cn/d/liyundi?jumpfrom=weibocom
    You will see that he posted a picture taken from his desk, DURING a performance. Someone was actually performing!!! I have been watching the broadcast and have also seen him playing with his mobile phone in between performances, and he was still on his phone when the competitor walked onto the stage (after that they were only showing the performers so who knows if he has put down his phone). None of the juries did anything like that, I don’t even see anyone in the audience taking their phones out in between performances. Such a shame.

  8. Dr. A. Leung says:

    I read in section IX of “The Rules of the Competition Jury” that “Each Juror is obliged to listen to and assess all participants at each stage of the Competition and to take part in the Jury’s meetings. In exceptional circumstances the Competition Director may sanction a Juror’s absence.” I absolutely cannot understand how the attendance of celebrity friend Angelababy’s wedding party should be accepted by the Competition Director as a valid reason to be absent as a Juror in this renowned and prestigious piano competition! How can a competition be fairly judged, if the Juror are not committed to listen to all participants play?

    I’m not even talking about Mr. Yundi posting photos of himself celebrating his own birthday on the plane holding a birthday cake on October 6 (when he should be sitting on the Juror’s seat), nor him taking pictures in his Juror’s seat in the midst of the competition and posting them on social media (complete with his neighbor Juror’s written comments!), nor him spotted playing with the phone as a participant was introduced to enter the hall!

    To me this shows nothing but total disrespect and disdain of the competition and himself! I’m wondering how should such behavior could be tolerated in such a first class piano competition, or does anyone care at all?

  9. Joecee says:

    You can be quite certain no pianist from China will place in the top three in this competition for years to come. As Toscanini once said about Richard Strauss when Toscanini heard that Richard Strauss composed the Olympic Hymn for the 1936 Berlin Olympics under the sponsorship of Hitler: “To Richard Strauss, the composer, I take off my hat. To Richard Strauss, the man, I put it on again.”

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