Music Lover magazine cover stories of 2013

Have a look at the cover boys and girls of Music Lover, the premium classical music magazine in China published every month by Shanghai Music Publishing Company and find out what’s hottest and who sells best.

Here are the covers of 12 issues of 2013. Half of them are pianists, one cellist, one violinist, one mezzo, three conductors, one composer. The July issue was intended as the Special Edition of the Music in the Summer Air by Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, hence the stars.

KLASSIKOM has analyzed the cover stars and produced the following charts for your better understanding, based on gender, average age and profession. The average age of the living ones is 42.

20131219095212 20131219095240 20131219095307 Conclusion: pianists sell best.

Music Lover 2013-01 Cover

Music Lover 2013-02 Cover

Music Lover 2013-03 Cover

Music Lover 2013-04 Cover

Music Lover 2013-05 Cover

Music Lover 2013-06 Cover

Music Lover 2013-07 Cover

Music Lover 2013-08 Cover

Music Lover 2013-09 Cover

Music Lover 2013-10 Cover

Music Lover 2013-11 Cover

Music Lover 2013-12 Cover

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